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I’ve been pirating music since 1996 and have a different feeling now


Listening to Twenty One Pilots, Vessel, 35 days until Bonnaroo. I’ve bought over 500 dollars in vinyl albums in the past year all with artists that are playing at Bonnaroo. Most of the artists playing are on the circuit because they have a new album coming out. Do you know how much I have spent on music before this year? I’ve been burning music for people since before Napster. I’ve never found value in it, I enjoy music soooo much, it is pretty insane. Music moves my body and my life forward. I’ve bought a few compact discs over the past year. That is a CD to some of you that grew up on iTunes, Pandora and Spotify. Oh shit. I just realized I paid for Pandora for the past few years, and Spotify for the past 7 months probably. Spotify was such a leap, no a bound above Pandora. Pandora helped me find musicians like, I can’t even remember that brought me from an Incubus station to this mild dub stepping song that was like Kanye West’s power, but with a different sound. The beat. It was crazy how Pandora would match that. That lead to all sorts of great music from DJs that have had me fist pumping at 4am in my living room with the feeling that I am there. I digress.

Spotify is awesome, Tidal will probably be a good buy for someone like me, but ALBUMS. Man. Albums. Oh yeah, back to the CDs I’ve bought. Twisted Method Escape to Cape Coma, Linkin Park Meteora, Eminem Marshall Mathers Slim Shady and haven’t stopped, and maybe one or two more since High School. 1996 or 1997. I’ve been downloading music for that long. Because I could, because I could find it, because someone challenged me. I just did it. So, Pandora was like 20 bucks a year for the first few years and we shared it between a few friends. So it was 20 bucks one year and it lasted a few without having to spend money. Got Spotify free when I got this piece of shit Sprint phone. This pretend waterproof phone S Sport. Blah. Sandbagged. Anyways, 6 months for free. I’m about to spend another $20 dollars on music. I spent 10 last month on my first paid month of it. It is great for anywhere I am. I can even download songs to my devices so when I know I won’t have a signal (cruise, camping, trapped in a basement against your wishes — you STILL HAVE MUSIC!!!!) I can still listen and be motivated. I have to turn the album over I’m listening to. It doesn’t just play a new random song.

You are involved when you listen to an album. You understand you have to flip it over. I remember flipping tapes when I was a kid. You could do it so much faster if you practiced. Or if you were constantly recording things from the radio because you didn’t want to pay for it…. Probably not in my head but might have to do with my view on how music should be. I don’t know if you are involved, I am. I have this chair that is like bungee cords that make it up. There is a picture. You sink into it. You have the fan on and you just feel the music from the needle. You are just listening to music to get you through the day, you just ended the day with this music. It puts you where you needed to be, and you are just there with nothing else but the experience. The music. It empowers and recharges. Music is everything. If it isn’t music, it is something that makes you heart beat a little faster so you can be prepared for anything. It can get your mind so right where you can just act without thinking. I didn’t meant to say that, I meant to say you can think without thinking. That sounds better!

So the records, they are awesome. This bungee chair is awesome. This is the first time I wrote something in a minute, except a few work things that have gotten me a little motivated to do something more like this. But it is my time to go. I’m going to sit back and relax and think about Bonnaroo.

You know what. I feel like that last sentence just put me on to something.

I’m still not decided about my feelings

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