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Possible Trends for 2014 in Website Design

Web design over the years has almost gone complete circle. You will see a lot of cleaner websites today. Years ago they were full of flash and animated stuff, gradients, etc… today? They are going in the simple and clean design. Flat UI / Colors. It is amazing that we are taking a minimal approach now a days from what the web looked like before. Now, not everyone is moving in this direction! Below are a few items I think will be around for 2014’s new web designs.

Continuous Scrolling

You see it on the main page of the website here.  You notice it on facebook while scrolling through your Newsfeed, you also see it on websites like Reddit when you have the RES enabled.  As more data is appearing on websites, this kind of page design will continue to load up your content with ajax and bring it to you when you get to a certain point on your screen as you scroll!

Parallax Scrolling

If you don’t know what Parallax scrolling is, here is a great example:  Life Of Pi Website.  In 2013 designers were just touching the tip of the iceberg with this method of delivering you content.  I imagine that as 2014 rolls along you will see high dollar websites doing just this, and getting really creative with different pieces of their website.

Better UX

In 2014 the designers are going to be about a better User Experience(UX).  Be ready for easy to navigate websites that have been tested on a variety of users to make sure you find everything on the page, and quickly!


I love using new fonts in a web design, and you will see many more appear now that Google Fonts is loaded up, as well as other sites like Font Squirrel are loading up their fonts and allowing designers to access them from all over the world!  Standard fonts like Verdana, Arial and Georgia will still stay around, but look for headings and other pieces of the website to contain a nice font!  

Flat Design

ios7 When I saw Apple switch over in iOS7 to a flat interface I was dropping my jaw. This is going to cause everyone to follow along as Apple is generally a company that sets the trends.         Stay tuned for part two where I will discuss other trends I see coming to 2014, and the ones I wish would go away (SLIDERS!).    

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